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National & State Affiliation -
General Information

Students may join FCCLA only in schools with an annually affiliated chapter. Use of the FCCLA name and logo are restricted to those schools who have affiliated with the national organization in the current school year. Chapters must affiliate with national FCCLA by November 1 in order to receive a full year of membershp services.

Dues for the 2017-18 school year are $12 per person ($9 for national membership and $3 for state portion of membership). Local chapters may choose to charge chapter dues in addition to the national/state dues of $12.

Affiliation information and membership materials are mailed from national FCCLA to chapters each year.  Contact national FCCLA if you have not received this packet and wish to have a copy.  Call (703) 476-4900 and ask for assistance with chapter affiliation if needed.

Affiliation Process for 2017-18
The national FCCLA affiliation process has been updated for this school year. Check the national organization's Web site at www.fcclainc.org for details and instructions.

An adviser tips sheet on the 2017-18 affiliation process is available now. Kathleen Buchanan created this to provide help as you start the affiliation process for this school year.
Affiliation Tips

This tip sheet includes a form that advisers can use to gather helpful information from students as they affiliate. Please contact Kathleen Buchanan (kvcbuchanan@gmail.com) if you have questions or need assistance.

Please remember: Virginia chapters affiliate with the state association through the national organization, paying both state and national dues to the national organization. National FCCLA then forwards the state's portion of the dues payment to the state association.

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Membership in FCCLA

Important Reminder for VA Advisers:
For affiliation assistance, including help with password reset for the online affiliation system, contact:
Kathleen Buchanan (kvcbuchanan@gmail.com)


Go for the Red logo
Click the logo for information on the National FCCLA Membership Campaign
In support of the national FCCLA “Go for the Red” membership campaign, students who complete the individual membership award on the National FCCLA website by March 1  will be recognized at the 2018 state conference with a special reception on Saturday morning prior to the Business Session.  These individual “Go for the Red” award winners will parade into the Business Session after the reception.  Invitations to the reception will be issued to these members who meet our March 1 deadline.

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Membership Campaign

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Membership Awards Link

Click the membership awards button for a list of chapters receiving recognition for their success in recruiting FCCLA members.

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National FCCLA
Membership Kit

The national FCCLA organization provides a membership kit with a CD full of great ideas and information on recruiting and retaining members. Chapters who were affiliated with the national organization by May of the school year automatically received the membership kit in May 2017 for this new school year.  Chapters that were not affiliated in the previous year should contact national FCCLA to request a copy of the membership kit.  Check the national FCCLA Web site at http://fcclainc.org/membership/join-fccla.php for more membership information.

National FCCLA usually offers an incentive for early affiliation. Check the national FCCLA Web site for details on the current membership incentive.

Join Today!


To join, talk to the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher in your school today!
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Virginia Membership Contact & Assistance

Questions about membership and affiliation should be directed to:

Kathleen Buchanan
Virginia Membership and Adviser Development Coordinator
4216 Maury River Road

Rockbridge Baths, VA  24473

phone: (540) 348-5377
e-mail: kvcbuchanan@gmail.com

Who Can Join FCCLA?

Any student, through grade twelve, who is taking or has taken a course in Family and Consumer Sciences is eligible to belong to FCCLA. In Virginia, students in nearly 250 chapters are members of this exciting organization. 

"Join FCCLA, the only national student organization that encourages your personal growth, prepares you for a career, fosters family and community involvement and helps you become a leader. The organization, with chapters in nearly 7,000 schools across the country also offers opportunities to make new friends; plan and participate in chapter activities; turn your interests and concerns into action; earn recognition and feel good about yourself; and have tons of fun!

The decisions you make today, and every day, can lead to success in the future. Do you know exactly what you want to do when you get out of school? Or, do you have a career path in mind and want to explore it further? Take this opportunity - now - to be a part of FCCLA where you can learn about careers and develop job skills so you are prepared to move from school to work! Through chapter activities, learn more about careers in:

  • Clothing Design and Textiles
  • Food Service, Catering, Culinary Arts, Nutrition, Restaurant Management
  • Child Care & Early Childhood Education
  • Interior Design
  • Hospitality Industry, Hotel Management 
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
Everyone is a part of a family. But today, families are changing. FCCLA activities and programs help you deal with the real issues that you encounter every day and will face in the future, like:
  • Wellness and youth obesity
  • Healthy relationships
  • Peer pressure
  • Care for children and the elderly
  • Parenting skills
  • Financial literacy
  • Nutrition and physical fitness
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Community service
  • Leadership
  • Violence in schools and communities.
FCCLA is the only national student organization with the family as its central focus."

Source: National FCCLA Membership Brochure

To join, talk to the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher in your school today!