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Virginia FCCLA State Executive Council and Officer Candidate Information

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A Message from the State President

Hello Virginia FCCLA! I’m Kennedy Strickler, your 2017-2018 State President. I am super excited to have this opportunity. There are many treasures to discover this year in FCCLA. I hope you are planning to attend the State Leadership and Recognition Conference in Virginia Beach, where you can explore fantastic exhibits, learn fun facts, and take a tour of FCCLA programs and activities. Whatever your interests, our State Executive Council has planned a collection of awesome experiences for you. We hope to leave you  !nspired and challenge you to make history with your leadership potential.

Contact an officer through the adviser at the school address below.

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2017-18 SEC


PRESIDENT: Kennedy Strickler
Hello Virginia FCCLA! I'm so excited to be serving on this year's State Executive Council. Outside of FCCLA, I cheer, run track, and love to sing and read! I love traveling to new places and meeting new people, one of the great opportunities in FCCLA! I can't wait to be "!nspi
red" this year with all of you!

ADVISER: Bobbi Comer

Page County High School

184 Panther Drive

Shenandoah, VA 22849


School Phone: 540.652.8712

School Fax: 540.652.1966

Hello Everyone! I am currently a senior and have been an FCCLA member since the sixth grade. After high school I plan on studying elementary education in the hopes of one day becoming a teacher. When I'm not at school or an FCCLA meeting, you can normally find me working at a local daycare, or spending time with my friends and family. I hope everyone is ready to be !nspired with FCCLA this year! 

ADVISERS: Heather Hiserman

Strasburg High School

250 Ram Drive

Strasburg, VA 22657


School Phone: 540.465.5195

School Fax: 540.465.5461

I’m a Senior at James Wood High School. I’ve been a member of FCCLA for four years now. I am an avid snowboarder and I love to be in the wilderness and do anything outdoors. My goal after high school is to enlist in the US Navy as a Corpsman. I hope you will be !nspired to run for a state office this year.

ADVISER:  Emily Barnes

James Wood High School
161 Apple Pie Ridge Road
Winchester, VA  22603

School Phone:  540.667.5226
School Fax:  540.667.3154

Hello Virginia FCCLA! I'm so excited to be serving as a Virginia state officer in my sixth year as a member in FCCLA! In my spare time I enjoy meeting new people, hiking, and hanging out with friends. I hope you'll be !nspired to be an active member of VA FCCLA this year!

ADVISER: Hope Keen

East Rockingham High School 250 Eagle Rock Road
Elkton, VA  22827

School Phone: 540.298.7450
School Fax: 540.298.7462

VP OF PROGRAMS: Winnie Mikulski
Hello! I am a freshman at West Potomac High School in Alexandria, Virginia.  This will be my third year in FCCLA. I am active in many sports including softball, swimming, diving, and tennis. Be !nspired to use the national programs to plan great projects. This is going to be an awesome year for Virginia FCCLA!

ADVISER:  Heather Jones

Carl Sandburg Middle School
8428 Fort Hunt Road
Alexandria, VA  22308

School Phone: 703.799.6124
School Fax: 703.799.6197

Hello Virginia FCCLA!  I am a sophomore at Gate City High School and I like to spend time with my family and friends.  I know many members, including myself, got their start in FCCLA through competitive events.  My hope for this year is that you will be !nspired in FCCLA to reach for the STARs!

ADVISER:  Beverly Musick

Gate City High School
178 Harry Fry Drive
Gate City, VA  24251

School Phone: 276-386-7522

School Fax: 276-386-2695

I am blessed to serve on an amazing state council for 2017-18. I am a very energetic, creative person who looks for the fun in every situation. This is my fourth year in this fantastic organization.  I look forward to seeing how much energy Virginia FCCLA is !nspired to have this year!

ADVISER:  Laura Butcher

Eastern View High School
16332 Cyclone Way
Culpeper, VA 22701

School Phone: 540.825.0621
School Fax: 540.825.9802

Hello VA FCCLA! I'm a freshmen at Varina High School and this will be my 3rd year in FCCLA. With all the things I do, my free time is spent reading, writing, and swimming. I hope you will be !nspired to use the new Community Service program materials and will have an amazing year with us!

ADVISER: Jennifer Peters

Varina High School
7053 Messer Road
Henrico, VA  23231

School Phone: 804.226.8700
School Fax: 804.226.8706

Hello, Virginia FCCLA! Besides FCCLA, I enjoy running, biking, shopping, and traveling. This year, I hope all FCCLA members, especially Virginia members, will be !nspired to take the next step in leadership by participating in our state and national conferences. Come and join in on the Ultimate Leadership Experience!

ADVISER: Bobbi Comer

Page County High School

184 Panther Drive

Shenandoah, VA 22849


School Phone: 540.652.8712

School Fax: 540.652.1966
The State Executive Council can be contacted through:
Debbie Will

6245 Greenwick Drive
Glen Allen, VA  23059

Office phone:  804.364.2529 Email: debbiewillFCCLA@comcast.net

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State Officer Candidate Application and Information
Officer Application link

The application for state officer candidate is available as a download by clicking the button above. The application must be e-mailed by January 15 to Debbie Will, State Adviser.
(Updated August 2017)

State Officer Candidate
Tips Calendar

Click the red text for a calendar of tips to help you be a successful state officer candidate.

National Officer Candidate Application and Information
National Officer App

The application to run as Virginia's National Officer Candidate is available as a download by clicking the button above.  The application must be postmarked to Connie Rhoton, State Adviser, by December 1.

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